November 15, 2016

Printing Parts and Supplies

Blankets for any Rotary and Sheet feed press, Numbering machines, parts, accessories and tools, Hand Numbering machines, Micr and Standard Ribbons, Moore and Bulldozer Tractors and their parts, Permanent and Removable transfer tape, 3/8″ and 1/4″x 72 yds Perforated Splice Tape, Velcro 2″ x 25 yds, Safety Walk  2″ x 60 ft and Perforated metal 1 1/2″ x 500 ft, all of them for idler roller Covering, Strobe lamps and its parts, Air shafts and its parts, Slitters, Perf and Microperf wheels, Litho Perfect-Perf and Litho Perfect-cut and Micro perf, Didde, Schriber/Harris, Sanden, Rotatek, Hamilton/Stevens, Mark Andy, Heidelberg, Ryobi, Rotaprint,parts. Line and Dot patterns Glue Strips, Neoprene and Urethane strips, and Black Neoprene Sheets,  Line and File Punch and Die Rings, Standard and New Generation, Wash up Blades, Polymer Pull Wheels, Plastic Dampener System gears, Automatic Air brush Batch Counter-Marker for Press and collators, Knives, Sticks and guards for Guillotines and paper cutters, Durometers, Ink Grabbers and Blankets Scrubbers, Tinsel Static Eliminator, Steel Forms Rulers, 6 power Magnifier, Perf gibs and Bolt for Press and Collators, and much more parts and supplies, not mentioned that we may supply too. Please check with us.

MES Global Supplies also sells rollers for all GTO’s as 46, 52 Conventional, DDS,Alcolor,,  Heidelberg SM 52, Kord 62, 64, Kors, Kor or Kora, MO Conventional, MO Alcolor,SM 72, Sorm/Sorm Z, SM 74, SM102 (Sors/Sorsz) Pre Drupa Conventional and  post Drupa, Komori Lithrone 26 (12mm), Lithrone 28. Lithrone 40 20.5 mm, etc Please check with us before make you purchase and you won’t regret it.  


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