Graffiti Synthetic BACKLIT (FILM) – 4.0mil – 8.0mil

Graffiti Synthetic BACKLIT

(FILM) 4.0mil • 8.0mil

Graffiti Synthetic Backlit Films are laser printer-compatible, polyester sheet made for
strength & durability. They are 100% waterproof & tear resistant film, which allows light to
pass through & illuminate your printed images. They are durable in any environment and
offer image quality.


Graffiti Synthetic BACKLIT (FILM) – 4.0mil • 8.0mil

Product Specifications:
Base: PET–Polyester Film
• Thickness Available: 4.0 mil (100 microns) • 8 mil (200microns)
• Surface Finish: Translucent – White
• Packing: 50 Sheets / Packet
• Sizes Available: 8.5” x 11” • 11” x 17” • 12” x 18” • 13” x 19”

Wide Range of Custom Sizes available. Custom Rolls are also available.

Product Highlights:
• PET Base provides Tear Resistance, thermal stability & long-term durability.
• Outstanding toner adhesion for sharp & high definition images.
• Excellent anti-static properties for dust free outputs.
• Toner receptive coating allows writable surface allowing writing on the paper like a regular paper.
• High Rigidity makes for lay flat prints, ideal for indoor/outdoor display applications.

Product Benefits:
• Weather Proof: withstands rain, heat, & temperature.
• Durable: Tear Resistant, Stain Resistant & Sweat Resistant.
• Resistance: High heat resistant, 475° F melting point allows for use in wide range of laser printers and applications.
• High Definition Image Quality: Bright sheets allow high image quality of finished print job.

Product Application:
• Store or Bakery – Back Lit Deli Signs / Displays.
• GIS Map Overlays.
• CAD Drawings for on site.
• Medical Charts.
• Electronic Appliance Cards for Circuit Boards.



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